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Race Dash 2 Instrumentpanel

Race Dash 2 Instrumentpanel

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The DASH2 is designed for anyone wanting a compact yet feature-packed digital dashboard. From road cars to race & rally applications, the DASH2 displays all the information required by the driver in an extremely compact yet clear and easily read format.  Stand alone with 6 input channels but can be increased to more if required.

Standard Features

In stand-alone mode the DASH2 offers the

following features:

  • Water resistant for open top or motorcycle applications
  • High contrast, high visibility, non-reflective custom LCD display with EL backlight.
  • Dual 14-Way Binder 423 series connectors
  • 6 configurable shift lights
  • 4 stand-alone analogue inputs (typically water temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel level, but can be pretty much anything)
  • Wheel speed input for vehicle speed and odometer reading
  • Engine speed input
  • Non resettable odometer
  • Resettable trip recorder
  • Configurable RPM display options with user definable scales
  • Configurable peak RPM hold
  • Current gear calculated from speed and RPM
  • Max/min recall with reset
  • Configurable high/low alarms on all input channels
  • Four external switches to control operation
  • Display the information you want to see with 5 user configurable screens
  • Prograble from any PC with a serial port (or USB port with USB to serial adaptor)
  • Road legal, everything required for an MOT or SVA testing including tamperproof odometer,  backlit display and mandatory warning lights.
  • Warning lights for brakes, main beam, left and right indicator, low alternator output and rear fog light
  • Set up in mph/kph and miles/km
  • Download instruction manual from: http://www.race-technology.com/upload/DASH2%20instruction%20manualv32.pdf
  • Download the software from http://www.race-technology.com/download_area_2_7453.html
  • Easy Integration with other Race Technology products
  • Display information directly from your ECU using our CAN or serial interface*
  • The DASH2 is supplied with the following items:

The DASH2 display unit itself

Serial extension cable, for connection to a PC for configuration

Wiring harness and connectors, with 9-way d-type connector for communication between DASH2 and data logger/PC, and flying leads for connection to vehicle loom and external sensors

Full operating and installation instructions

Comprehensive software CD

The DASH2 is one of Race Technology's most sought after products whether the application is for competition or road vehicles. It is a clear market leader in price and performance. The DASH2's construction is of the highest quality with an aluminium frame and military spec connectors, so it is suitable for both open and closed top vehicles as well as motorcycles. Below are some of the main features of the DASH2, click on the relevant hyper-links for further information.